Better for your business.

Better for our planet.

Our sustainable, cost-effective solutions help food processors manage byproducts while providing farmers high quality proteins and energy for livestock.

Repurposing food
byproducts, reimagined

We match food lifecycle, recycle and disposal services to your specific needs and requirements, seamlessly integrating them with your production processes and sustainability initiatives.

101 helps you achieve your sustainability goals

We cycle what can be repurposed and responsibly dispose that which can’t, with sustainable, cost-effective alternatives to sewers and landfills. And we help you monitor and document your progress, including for chain of custody, certificates of destruction and waste volume diverted.

Your needs may change but our commitment to meeting them never does

We’re responsive. We solve problems and we’re ready to help. We’re there when you need us, whether for a scheduled load or five times the usual.

Comprehensive solutions for the food lifecycle

Food upcycle

Transform your non-saleable food products into liquid or dry feed for livestock

Secure product

Collect, remove and transform waste and ingredients from finished or returned goods

Landfill diversion

Divert, repurpose and recycle food byproducts and waste

Energy from biomass

Convert non-recyclable organic matter and wastewater into energy

Chain of custody

Monitor, certify and document custody


Responsibly recycle steel, plastics and other nonconvertible products

Animal feed

Feed livestock a reliable source of energy and protein

Top brands rely on 101

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