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Why 101

101 puts customers first

Customer First is more than a slogan. It’s the guiding principle of our business, a core value and the cornerstone of our company culture. It’s one of the reasons so many of our customer relationships have stood the test of time.

Our roots run deep

Our company and our people are of and for agriculture, with respect for the land and the life it supports. We have a long track record providing customized solutions for the entire food lifecycle. And provide deep expertise in sustainability, food lifecycling, livestock nutrition and the economics of food waste management.

Best practice

According to the US EPA, the best thing you can do with food waste that isn't suitable for humans is to feed it to animals. This approach has been practiced successfully for centuries: it is time tested and environmentally sound. We make it work on an industrial scale, using our re-pasturizing and drying equipment and refrigerated transport and storage to bridge the distance between your food sources and the livestock that consume them.

More sustainable

101 is integral to many customers’ zero landfill, GHG reduction and corporate ESG initiatives. Our partners depend on us to create solutions tailored to their specific needs and goals. And they count on us to provide the transparency and data they need to report progress.

Peace of mind

Managing food byproducts and waste can be challenging. Volumes vary, schedules can shift, needs change. We’re up to the challenge, with service and solutions to make your life easier.

Reliable nutrition

Farmers rely on 101 for high quality, nutritious feed that helps their livestock thrive. And they rely on us to deliver it when they need it, on time and on schedule.

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